AUGUST 12TH - 14TH 2022

Canada is the destination for the inaugural gathering from next year, at the impressive Winsport   Arena located in Calgary.

World Youth Games 2022

Canada is the destination for the inaugural gathering from August 12th – 14th,  at the impressive Winsport Arena, located in Calgary.

At the start of August this year, the WBC MuayThai has 78 countries and territories working toward developing the sport and culture of MuayThai, around the world.

With all the hardships and difficulties faced by many over the past year and more, it is beautiful for the youth in our sport to have something to look forward to next summer in Canada.
Youth athletes from all corners of the globe will descend on Canada to represent their countries at the inaugural WBC MuayThai World Youth Games to pursue a prestigious gold, silver, and bronze medal at stake, across a host of weight categories for both male and female MuayThai youth athletes.

12 August

Opening Exhibition & Registration

13 August

Day 2 of Tournament

14 August

Day 3 of Tournament

Finals Day & Closing Ceremony

“A concept born out of the minds of co-chairmen Nash Keshwala and Kieran Keddle, in collaboration with the WBC MuayThai head office, the WBC MuayThai Youth World Games are coming”.

All roads leads to Calgary this Summer The Winsport Arena, Canada Olympic Rd SW Calgary AB T3B, Canada


The mission of the WBC MuayThai World Youth Games is to promote, support, protect and develop the youth worldwide in accordance with the requirements and spirit of MuayThai in accordance with the WBC MuayThai and the Sport Authority of Thailand.

we believe everyone has a responsibility to promote the welfare of all children and young people, to keep them safe and to practise in a way that protects them".

Our Vision

WBC MuayThai World Youth Games wants to lead and unite the sport of MuayThai for the next generation of MuayThai practitioners while upholding the core values of the sport and culture of MuayThai.

Muay Thai World Youth Games

August 2022

Develop & Protect

  • Sustainable Pathways
  • Innovative Programs
  • Grassroots Systems
  • Protect Young Children & Health
  • Protect MuayThai Values & Image


  • Fan engagement
  • Sport’s practice
  • Sportsmanship’s spirit
  • Future Stars

Serve With

  • Clear Rules
  • Global Competition Framework
  • Educational Tools
  • Transparent Management

Executive Board Chairmen

WBC Muay Thai Team

Kieran Keddle


Nash Keshwala


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Saturday, August 14, 2021: A concept born out of the minds